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We provide 360° service support to our Employer clients and their Employees. Our services do not just stop at providing group health benefits. We provide the knowledge, the tools, and the access for our employers and their employees to obtain each of their own needs assessment. This allows them to make decisions based on their priorities today and in the future. It is a more holistic approach, whereby we take care of their individual circumstance rather than simply providing health benefits. See our list of services below:

Supplemental Health Benefits

Offering a wide range of supplemental health benefits and the direction to the very best care.

Human Resource Support

Providing full Human Resources support including compliance, benefits, and employee website.

Employer Sponsored Health Clinic

Allowing employers to provide  employees easy access to quality healthcare with our Access Health.


Obtaining access to a board-certified physician 24/7 with no consultation fee for as low as $12.95 a month.

Employee/Executive Benefits

Assessing a current business and advise what needs to be maintained or changed to reach planning goals.

Retirement Solutions

Advising employers to find the best fit in a retirement plan for both the business and its employees.


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