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Burke & Burke Insurance Marketing, Inc. offers a wide range of supplemental health benefits and the know-how to direct their clients to the very best care.

Burke & Burke Isurance Marketing, Inc. offers group and individual products such as health, life, disability, accident/travel, dental, vision, long term care, critical illness, and ancillary benefits. 

Ancillary Benefits usually include Critical Illness, Dental, Vision, Cancer, Heart & Stroke and such. Burke & Burke provides these benefits as payroll deduct benefits under and Employer Sponsored Plan.

  • Burke & Burke provides employers and/or employees options for comprehensive individual or group health insurance plans. 

  • Also available are short term health insurance policies for the "gaps" in coverage individuals may incur between jobs, lay-offs, and such.

  • Traveling outside of the USA? Travel insurance assists the insured on the medical illnesses and accidents happening away from home, smoothing the paperwork claims process.

  • Deciding on Medicare enrollment or not can be overwhelming! Burke & Burke provides the education and the resources to make decisions regarding Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantages Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans.

Here's how we can help:

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Claims & Billing Assistance

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