With our telemedicine (teladoc) program — NetMedNow — get access to a board-certified physician 24/7 without the consultation fee for as low as $12.95 a month for the entire household.

Experience the future of realtime medical access from NetMedNow. Get 24/7/365 access to quality healthcare from U.S. Board Certified physicians and pediatricians on your smart phone, tablet, or computer without the consultation fee.

  • NetMedNow is an easy, cost-effective solution for common symptoms that accout for over 90% of all ER and physician visits: respiratory conditions, fever, allergies, urinary tract infections, ear infections, siunus infections, bronchitis, nausea, poison ivy, pink eye, and cold/flu.

  • All health records are 100% secure, HIPPA and ISO 27002 compliant and can be sent to your primary care physican at your request.

  • For a complete list of NetMedNow benefits and to enroll, click here.

Real advantages to using NetMedNow.

No Co-Pays

No Consultation Fees

No Sitting in Germ-Filled Waiting Rooms

Greatly Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses

One Monthly Price (as Low as $12.95) for an Entire Household